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Are buggies allowed in the exhibition?

At busy times, buggies may not be allowed in the exhibition, but can be left in a designated area near the box office. These will be left at the owner’s own risk.

What if we arrive late/early?

Sales are for a specific time slot on the hour. You may be admitted 15 minutes before or after this time slot depending upon how busy the exhibition is at the time. If you are later than 15 minutes you may be admitted if space allows but we cannot guarantee this due to capacity control.

How do we get to the exhibition?

There are detailed instructions on the website, but it is located on Highcross Street, across the street from the John Lewis. It is a 5 minute walk from the city centre, and approximately 15-20 minute walk from Leicester station. Plan your visit here

Where are the toilets?

There is a set of toilets towards the end of the exhibition, just before the shop and exit. There is a disabled access toilet available for visitors as well.